As are the crests on the heads of peacocks,
As are the gems on the hoods of cobras,
So is mathematics at the helm of all Sciences.

Premium Training & Coaching Centre for Maths in Mumbai (Bombay): *IITJEE Foundation Maths

*RMO (Of HomiBhabha/TIFR/NBHM)

*INMO (Of (Homibhabha/TIFR/NBHM)

*IMO (International Mathematical Olympiad) NOT of SOF organization but 

of IMU (International Mathematical Union)

*IITJEE Mains/Adv Maths --- Problem Solving Doubt Solving Tutorials. 

Just as daily sustenance of food is required for the physical body in controlled, measured amounts, or daily practice of gym is needed, so is daily sustenance of math required as mental gym for the brain to develop! We teach full conceptual core, provide examples, provide interactive quizzes and daily homework doses which is hand-graded in detail.

We train students from Grade 7 onwards. One hour lecture per day from monday to friday. Very very small batch size for personal attention.