1. "TARGET IIT Maths": standard 7,8,9 and 10. This is IITJEE foundation maths. 
  2. "TARGET RMO MATHS" (of Homi Bhabha Foundation and TIFR). Standard 8, 9, 10/11.
  3. "MathSpace" IITJEE Mathematics: 2 year program for IITJEE Mathematics for std. XI and XII. 
4. "Gedanken" Series of questions booklet is available for outright purchase for those aspiring for a very high AIR with superlative performance in IITJEE Advanced Maths. "Gedanken" consists of a long daunting series of specially culled maths questions with liberal hints. Several concepts converge or lay hidden in every problem of this series mimicking the IITJEE Advanced Mathematics. Send an email to us to purchase it right away !!!
A Gedanken sample problem set is given below for download:
Our USP:
We lay stress on motivation, theory/concepts and logical/analytical thinking and daily practice. We firmly believe that there is no 'magic formula" or "sure shot attack" or any rote, mugging required for Mathematics.
List of resources/literature for IITJEE Mathematics:
  • Higher Algebra by Hall and Knight

  • Higher Algebra by Bernard and Child

  • Plane Trigonometry I and II by S L Loney

  • Coordinate Geometry I by S L Loney

  • Calculus I and II by Piskunov

  • A Problem Book in Mathematical Analysis by G. N. Berman

  • Problems in Calculus by I. P. Maron

  • Calculus and Analytic Geometry by G B Thomas

  • Differential and Integral Caculus, Vol I and II. N Piskunov

  • Our blog:

List of literature for IITJEE Foundation Maths:

  1. Algebra for Beginners --- Issac Todhunter

  2. Elementary Algebra for School Metric Edition : Hall and Knight

  3. A School Geometry --- Euclid --- Hall and Stevens

  4. MENSA logic puzzles books from Amazon India or Flipkart

More information about pre-RMO, RMO and INMO can be found at the following:

Below is a list of resources/literature for RMO:

  • Higher Algebra by Hall and Knight

  • Higher Algebra by Bernard and Child

  • Plane Trigonometry Part I by S. L. Loney

  • Problem Primer for the Olympiad by Pranesachar et al.

  • Inequalities by B. J. Venkatachala.

  • Functional Equations by B. J. Venkatachala.

  • Problems in Plane Geometry by MIR publishers. 

  • Elementary Number Theory by David Burton

  • Friendly Introduction to Number Theory : Joseph Silverman

  • Intro to Number Theory by Niven and Zuckermann

  • Some or all of the several books of Prof. Titu Andreescu. Many of these books are available on Amazon India.

  • Some or all of the several books of R Todev. Many of these books are available on Amazon India.

  • Combinatorics by Brualdi

  • Combinatorics by V K Balakrishnan (Schaum Series Outline)

  • Problem Solving by Arthur Engel

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  • Art of Problem Solving:

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