Our Star Performers

Below is a list of our star performers:

  • In 2014, Surya C. Kalia (Mumbai) passed the RMO. 

  • In 2015, Surya C. Kalia bagged AIR 143 in IITJEE Adv. with superlative performance in Math through our two year IITJEE math program and 'Gedanken Series" of mathematics training. In Surya's words: "Sir, I go to one big branded coaching class for IITJEE and sit there for about 5-6 hours daily picking up a few things, but I come to your coaching for just an hour a day and learn so much within an hour :-)

  • In 2015, Darpan Gajra scored 98 out of 100 in ICSE Mathematics Standard X.

  • In 2016, Rishabh Ranjan (Bokaro) cracked RMO from Bokaro, Jharkhand region and just missed INMO by7 marks. Rishabh was helped by our live, interactive video coaching via Skype. One of his on-line, live, recorded video lectures has been put up in our "Galleries" Section. 

  • In 2016, Anubhav C. Singh scored more than 96 in ICSE X Math (Bangalore).

  • In 2017, Kshitij Kadam cleared Pre-RMO from Bangalore/Bengaluru region,

  • In 2017, one of our students of Delft University pursuing Aerospace Engineering scored a very very high grade in Linear Algebra course.

  • In October 2017, Darpan Gajra scored 760 out of 800 in SAT Math Level 2 Further he got admitted to a good NY school for a program in Applied Math/Actuarial Sciences.

  • In 2017, my student ANP (name withheld for privacy) of a high school in Sydney won the Excellence in Mathematics award.

  • In April 2018, Vedant Sahai of Mumbai scored 100/100 in ICSE X board maths and also 100% scholarship in a famous branded integarted coaching class in Mumbai for IITJEE 2020.

  • In 2017, 2018, 2019, same student ANP of high school in Sydney again won the Excellence in Mathematics Award and/or other subjects. 

  • Last three years(2017, 2018, 2019), another student (SM) of a high school in Sydney is regularly getting Certificates of Merit in Mathematics. 

  • In 2017-2019, a student of Sao Paolo, Brazil came with flying colours in IB Math and also got the Excellence Award in Mathematics. She got a placement in a top Economics college of Europe. 

  • In Jan 2020, a student of Sao Paulo, Brazil got honours in IB board in math and physics. He also got admits to two app math programs in Purdue (WLafa), and a Toronto school; and to engg programs in Michigan Ann Arbor and two UK schools. He has opted for the coveted applied math prog of Purdue. 

  • Gopal Pithwa scored full perfect 100% in ICSE IX all tests in Maths in 2020-21.

  • In April 2021, my student VS (identity in confidence) successfully implemented IIT_Madras Cricket and Coding Hackathon challenge. I taught him basic DSP Filtering, C and Python.